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e d u c a t i o n


2002-2004 Winchester School of Art, B.A. Fine Arts, (Winchester, England)


1998-2002 Fine Arts Faculty, B.A. Fine Arts (University of Barcelona, Spain)


1997-2002 School of Arts and Design – LLOTJA (Barcelona, Spain). 

                  Sculpture Diploma




s e l e c t e d    s o l o    e x h i b i t i o n s / p r o j e c t s

2025   The Lexicon Gallery. (Dun LAoghaire, Ireland).


2023  · Barcelona Art Fair. Kevin Kavanagh Gallery. (Barcelona, Spain).

2023  · Efectes Silvestres. Entorns Art Residency. (Lleida, Spain).

2022  · Movements of Immobile Objects.

            Kevin Kavanagh Gallery. (Dublin.Ireland)

2021  · Cuando una roca se rompe se convierte en mas piedras.

            Galeria Herrero de Tejada, Madrid.

2017  · No Fixed Color Continumm. Candyland. (Stockholm, Sweden)

2016 · To swallow a ball. The LAB. (Dublin, Ireland)

         · Eye before E except after see-ing Stockholm. Supermarket Art Fair

           with the Ormston House. (Stockholm, Sweden)

         · There is not pine nor apple in pinaple. Instituto Cervantes. (Dublin, Ireland) 


2015 · Eye before E except after see. Limerick City Gallery. (Limerick, Ireland)


2014 · Daily disagreements over small things. Barcelona Contemporary art fair                            SWAB with Kevin Kavanagh Gallery. (Barcelona, Spain).


2014 · A painful excess of pleasure. King House. (Boyle, Ireland)


2013  · A painful excess of pleasure. Kevin Kavanagh Gallery(Dublin,Ireland)

          · Jouissance or a painful excess of pleasure. Madame la Marquise.

             (Barcelona, Spain)

2012 · It never rains to everybody’s taste. Queen St. Gallery and Studios,     

            (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

          · The rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plane, Paradigmas                                                      Arte Contemporaneo(Barcelona, Spain)


2011 · Grande, Feliz e Invencible. Kevin Kavanagh Gallery (Dublin, Ireland)


2010 · Where there is hair, there is happiness, Blue Wall Gallery. (Cavan, Ireland)

          · Techno-color-moving-science, Josworld project space. (Brussels, Belgium)


2009 · Mysteries of contemporary inspiration and other wonders.

            Stone Gallery,(Dublin, Ireland)


2008 · Curious Things and other bits and pieces -two people show- 

           (Wicklow City Council. Ireland)

          · We don’t need nobody else, Eigse, Carlow arts festival. Invited artist

            (Carlow, Ireland)

          · London Art Fair, Projects Section. (London, UK)


2007 · Establishing a Mission, Ashford Gallery, Royal Hibernian Academy.

            (Dublin, Ireland)


2006 · The blessed virgin of helpless artists. Stone Gallery, (Dublin, Ireland)


2002 · From Iberia to Scandinavia , Ariman (Lund, Sweden)

         · Iron Frames, La Cereria (Barcelona, Spain)



r e s i d e n c i e s     a n d     a w a r d s


2024  Art i Territory. Cal Gras Residency Award. (Avinyó, Barcelona)


2023  Efectes Silvestres. Entorns Art Residency Award. (Lleida, Spain).

2022 Collective Attempt. Can Serrat, el Bruc, (Barcelona, Spain). 

2021 Diversity Award. Solstice Arts Centre. (Dublin, Ireland)

2019 La Rectoría. San Pere de Vilamajor (Barcelona, Spain).


2019  Can Serrat, el Bruc, (Barcelona, Spain).

2018 JIWAR Art Residency. (Barcelona. Spain).

2017/2018 Nau Côclea. Camallera. (Girona. Spain).

2015-2018 Temple Bar Gallery and Studios. Membership Studio (Dublin, Ireland).

2017 Casa de las Artes. Alanís de la Sierra. (Sevilla. Spain).

2016/17 Facebook Art in Resideny and comission. (Dublin, Ireland).


2016/17 Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. Art Comission. (Dublin, Ireland).

2016 La Fragua (Córdoba, Spain).


2016 Grizedale Arts in collaboration with the Irish Museum of Modern Art (Dublin,                      Ireland)


2014-2015  Temple Bar Gallery and Studios. Project Studio (Dublin, Ireland)



         (Dublin, Ireland)


2013 Royal Hibernian Academy Studio Residency. (Dublin, Ireland)


2010 Universidad de Granada Summer Residency. (Granada, Spain)


2004 Cyprus College of Art Summer Studio. (Limassol, Cyprus)



p u b l i c   c o l l e c t i o n s   a n d   c o m i s s i o n s

Arts Council, Ireland

Glucksman Gallery + National Sculpture Factory-Cork, Ireland. 

IDA, Dublin, Ireland

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. 

Office of Public Works, Ireland

Microsoft Art Colleciton, Ireland

Wicklow City Council, Ireland

National Gallery of Self Portraits, Limerick, Ireland

s e l e c t e d    g r o u p    e x h i b i t i o n s / p r o j e c t s 

​2022 · Emerging Practice. 1982-2022. Black Church print Studio. Dublin, Ireland.

2022 · Guides.  Linenhall Arts Centre. Sligo, Ireland. 

2022 . Collective Attempt. Can Serrat. Barcelona. Spain


2021  ·GRAFT. Glucksman Gallery and the National Gallery of Ireland. Cork, Ireland.


2020 · Color Lab. VCU Arts,  Doha, Qatar.


2019 · Ferment. Can Serrat Art Residency. El Bruc, Barcelona, Spain.

2018  ·An Act of Hospitality can only be Poetic' Highlanes Gallery. Dublin Ireland.

2017  ·Art on Paper. Gibbons&Nicholas. New York, USA.

2016 · A fair land. Grizedale Arts in collaboration with the Irish Museum of Modern Art. 

           (Dublin, Ireland)

2016 · Santa Valeriana. La Fragua. Belalcázar, Córdoba, Spain

2016 · Repression × Resurgence × Reemergence. Solas Nua.

           Hillyer Art Space. Washington DC. The USA.


2016 · 30 Years, Artists, Places.  Ballina Civic Offices, Co Mayo,

                                                    Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny,

                                                    Johnston Library Cavan,

                                                    Droichead Arts Centre, Draiocht,                

                                                    Limerick City Gallery of Art .



2015 · 134th Annual Exhibition, Royal Ulster Academy of Arts. Ulster Museum. 

           (Belfast, UK)


2014 · Re-framing the Domestic in Irish Art. Highlanes Gallery. ( Drogheda. Ireland)


2014 · 184th Annual Exhibition, Royal Hibernian Academy, (Dublin, Ireland)


2013  · Death Drive. Galway Arts Centre. (Galway, Ireland)

          · I want to be your dog. The Glue Factory. (Glasgow, Scotland)

          · The founding phant. The Ormston House. (Limerick, Ireland)

          · 40/40/40. Rathfarnam Castle. (Dublin, Ireland)

                            Centro Cultural Conde Duque (Madrid, Spain)

                            Biblioteka Uniwersytecka (Warsaw, Poland)

                            Palazzo della Farnesina (Roma, Italy)

           · Thick, turgid and lacking in soothing oil. The Ormston House. 

             (Limerick, Ireland)


2013  · A Lamb Lies Down, Broadstone Studios, Dublin


2012  · Mirar con el estómago y Comer por los ojos. Madame la Marquise,

           (Barcelona, Spain)

          · Metamorphosis, PS2, (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

          · 182th Annual Exhibition, Royal Hibernian Academy, (Dublin, Ireland)

          · Dogs, Ormston House (Limerik, Ireland)

          · The God of Small Things I,Rubicon Gallery, (Dublin, Ireland)


2011 · Drawing connections. Siena Art institute, (Siena, Italy)

          · little m, Actus magnus gallery, (Vilnius,  Lithuania)

          · Three people show. Kevin kavangh Gallery. (Dublin, Ireland)


2010 · Spooky action at a distance. Monster Truck Gallery. (Dublin,Ireland)


2009 · The Great Redundant. Sebastian Guinness Gallery. (Dublin, Ireland)

          · Paper Work, Pallas Contemporary Space (Dublin, Ireland)

          · Compulsive Collections, Pecha Kucha. Belfast Exposed. (Belfast, UK)


2008 · Winter Saloon, Temple Bar Gallery (Dublin, Ireland)

          · 127th Annual Exhibition. The Royal Ulster Academy of Arts. (Belfast, UK)


2007 · little m. Klaipedos Gallery, (Klaipeda, Lithuania)

          · The big Store, Temple Bar Gallery (Dublin, Ireland)

          · Iontas, Sligo Arts Centre (Sligo, Ireland)

          · little m. Alytus Ethnographic Museum, (Alytus, Lithuania)

          · The Affordable Art Fair, (New York, USA)

          · …Scape. The Irish Arts Centre, (London, UK)

          · 177th Annual Exhibition, Royal Hibernian Academy (Dublin)


2005  · Precaution. Irish Museum of Modern Art (Dublin).



b i b l i o g r a p h y 


2022 Some great finds to unearth in archaeology. Business post.   Philip Carton.

2022 National Sculpture Factory.  Cork, Ireland.

2021 Untitled-pice-for-the-River-Lee

2021 LA importancia de lo hallado.

2021 Fichados. Mas de arte.

2020 The art of Attraction. IDA innovation review spring.

June 2018 Studies in Art and Humanities. Fiona Cashell

Feb. 2018. Quotidian tensions between the domestic and the unexpected. Circa                Magazine. Jane Morrow.

May 2017. Serpents and Clay. Visual Artists Ireland News Sheet. Sue Rainsford. 

September 2016. Clay as material and strange contraptions. The Irish Times.                   Aidan Dunne

January 2016. Unpoluted language. Visual Artists Ireland.

August'15. Childhood and nostalgia colour city gallery shows. Limerick Post.  Rose Rusche.

July '15. Eye before e except after see. Helen Carey, Ross Birrell, Beatriz Escudero.

Aug '14. Image of the Week. Hilary Murray. ArtDublin. 

Oct. '13. Death Drive. Visual Artist Ireland Paper. 

Sept '13. A painful excess of pleasure. Cristine Leach. The Irish Times.

March'13. 40/40/40 Helen Carey.

Dec’12. Empty pockets, but rich pickings in art, Aidan Dunne. The Irish Times.

 Nov'12. Metaporphosis. Rowan Sexton.

 Nov’ 12. The Art of Comunication, Visual Artists’ Ireland. Yvonne Cullivan.

 July ’11. New fragments from the Spanish Armada. The Irish Times.Aidan Dunne.

 June '11. Vanessa Donoso Lopez. Transitional Objects. Text by Aidan Dunne.                 (catalogue)

 Oct '10. Art and Science The Irish times. Aidan Dunne.

2010 Irish Women Artists 1800-2009, Jane Humpries. 

 Spring ’09. Inhabit, Circa,(no 127) Jane Humphries. P. 72-75

 Jan ‘09. Mysteries of contemporary inspiration and other bits and pieces. Sara Baume.

 Circa Online Reviews.

 Nov. ’09. Mysteries of contemporary inspiration and other bits and pieces,  Mark Garry

 July ’08. Curious Things... Mick Wilson

 June ’08. We dont need nobody else, Eigse Arts Festival Catalogue. Rob Lowe

 June 11th ’08. An emphatic end of an era for Éigse, The Irish Times,  Aidan Dunne,

 Dec ’07. Emerging Artists ’07, Ashford Gallery Catalogue, Mark St Jhon Ellis.

 Dec 21st, ’07. Winter Show, Metro Newspaper, Lucy White. P.18

 July 28th ’07. Last Chance, The Saatchi Gallery online, Charlotte Bonham-Carter

 July 26th, ’07. Drawing out an inner Alice, Metro Newspaper, Lucy White, p. 15

 June 3rd, ’07. At 177 years old, The Sunday times Culture, Cristin Leach. P. 8-9

 Dec 19th, ’06. For under your tree, Metro newspaper, Therese McKenna. P. 19

 Dec 9th, ’06. Artists making a subtle splash, The irish Times, Rachel Dugan. P.8

 July 1st, ’06. Last chance to see the blessed virgin of helpless artists. Metro Newspaper, Daragh Reddin, p.18

 Sept 28 ’05. Festival Takes a Subtle Approach, The Irish Times, Aidan Dunne, p.14


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